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dog builder

We are currently hiring.  Looking for an awesome experienced builder/leading hand to join our family owned business.  We have plenty of high end residential work  in the pipeline both long and short term. Find out more....

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Top of the colour pops

White colour trends this season.  Yes, there really is a difference and Resene paints show us the ins and outs.

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Best of Houzz service 2018 award

Looking for outstanding Customer Experience? Look no further... See how we won our award for best in service from houzz nz.

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image 3 arch

The world of architectural design is incredibly varied as are the homes we choose to live in.  So what do you need to look for?

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australian outdoor pavilion

We Kiwi's love our 'indoor - outdoor flow' and quintessential bbq's. After all, they are the back bone of our summers SO....

What happens when it is hot enough to fry an egg on your deck or it's raining cats and dogs?

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Lets start with: How important is lighting?

Lighting is a key item, often over looked in building projects. With so many options out there, why put in ‘down-lights’ & be done with it?

Pendants, halogens, task lighting, wall sconces... So many options can someone help me?

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stylish design people that build houses 4 building vs buying picking the right option when purchasing a on tiny home

Take our easy 12 question and pointers checklist to identify which builder is right for you and your project...

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How much will it cost article

How much will it cost?

It can feel a little like the 'chicken & the egg' situation. Where you need to know how much it would cost to set a budget....

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116 standard

See what's hot in outdoor furniture for 2018, we've got some stunners!

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In our opinion, the best way to do this is being transparent about your budget with both your architect and builder from the outset.

Whilst this may feel a little premature, ultimately you don't want a beautiful set of plans, that need to be culled and downsized in order to make them affordable to you..

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