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We Will

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    Be transparent with your money;

    Our transparent budgeting system provides you with weekly figures broken down to show where every dollar is being spent, and also clearly identifies our applied trade discounts and the savings you receive.

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    Be award-winning experts on your build & in our field;

    With our experienced Architectural Build and Major Renovations gold award winning team, we can and will solve any challenge that comes our way.

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    Be available 24 hours with your own online scheduling;

    Our custom-built scheduling programme allows you easy 24-hour online access to your job information.  This will give you 100% assurance that your build is on track at all times, leaving no room for guess work.

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    Provide quality to you and your build;

    We strive to use the best suited materials, sub-trades, builders and stringent finishing standards.  We also use our 101 point quality control list to ensure no single detail of your job is missed.

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    Be creative in offering options and solutions;

    Any opportunity to improve your project will be explored and then developed into a workable solution.

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    Ensure safety on-site at your place;

    We implement and comply with safety measures as set by Hazard Co and Work Safe New Zealand.  As an added safety measure we use a wireless monitored security system for your peace of mind.

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    Be reliable and do what we promised;

    Being a family owned business, your home is our investment too.  We turn up when we promise, to do what we promised.  Our work is backed up by a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee.

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    Be respectful to you and your neighbours;

    Our work place is your home, and we will treat it with respect.  From cleanliness to neighbour courtesy, we encourage and reinforce a clean and well-mannered site.

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Our Nailed Down Guarantee

Offering you the most comprehensive guarantee in the business, a Master Builders 10 Year Guarantee covering products, builders and services provided by our quality building company is just the start, we also give you our personal 10 point nailed down guarantee to ease the stress and unknown on your project.

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