Why Choose Us

At Alpha 1 we have years of renovation experience and client feedback under our belt and we've found that one of the biggest things our clients struggle with is "Where do we start?"

Which is totally understandable; renovating is overwhelming. What if we take away that confusion, stress and uncertainty?

We'll guide you every step of the way. Even selecting the right architect is straight forward. Here's how we do it in just 8 clear steps.

Renovation Success in 8 Clear Steps: 

Registered Master Builders LogoOur experienced team will be there with you every step of the way.  It's perfectly natural to be curious about the people you are trusting with your home. Meet the Alpha 1 Builders' renovation team.


Chat with us about your renovation plans

We’ll talk through your dream home renovation plans to see what you're wanting to achieve at your place. 

Once we know these details, we’ll send out one of our info packs to get your imagination flowing.  Then we'll tee up a meeting with Paul (owner of Alpha 1) He'll meet you at your place and go over the feasibility of your dream plans, site, budget and timeframes.  Then suggest which of our recommended architect/designers would be best for your project.  


Your onsite design meeting

For your first collective meeting with your chosen architect, Paul will be there to talk through ideas for your project and what you’re wanting to achieve.  The architect will then explain their process to you and be able to start your exciting concept plans.

Already have plans? Go to plan pricing.

Plan development starts

This is a super exciting stage.  You can see the renovation changes that you needed taking shape on your plans. This really gives you a feel for how your updated home will appear and function.  Of course, revisions are made to ensure you are happy before any concept stage pricing begins.  We will make sure you are 100% happy with the plans, then they are price checked thoroughly by Paul and a quantity surveyor to match your budget before moving forward. 

*There is a small admin fee to cover the QS pricing.

Council-ready plans are priced

Once you are happy with the concept plans and price, council ready plans are prepared.  These plans will be the working drawings for your renovation.  Before your building work starts, we thoroughly & fairly price your plans with a quantity surveyor before they are sent off for Council approval.  We are here to discuss any questions you may have at any stage.

*There is a small admin fee to cover the QS pricing.

Council plans are approved

These plans are used to create your dream home. As such they contain every detail required to physically build it.  From the type of timber or steel to be used for the structure, right through to the type of cladding and windows used on the outside. These plans are sent to the Council to gain approval so that building work can commence. 


Your dream home renovation is outlined

With pricing confirmed and plans approved, you'll receive your Master Builders Contract.  This contract will outline your project.  From dates to rates, all of the major details are identified and discussed with you, then signed off. This contract is the best way to safeguard you and your project as well as keep everyone's expectations aligned. We'll offer you a Master Builders 10 Year Guarantee too.

Your project is locked in & starts

With your plans good to go and your contract signed, a deposit is paid to lock in your renovation. Starting on the agreed date. Paul is there from the first day of demolition to handing over your keys once your dream home is complete. Paul manages the sub-trades, suppliers and our experienced team on-site. Ensuring every detail is implemented and the build runs on time and budget.  You'll have weekly on-site meetings with Paul to keep you totally informed. Along with your budget & schedules to keep you on track and relaxed during your build

Your dream home is completed & delivered

Once your renovation is completed, Paul will walk you through your beautiful home to ensure you're 100% in love with the result. We'll even arrange a full house clean so that you can show off your beautiful home and enjoy it at it's best. Council compliance & all paperwork will follow.

What makes us different?

At Alpha 1 Builders, We will:
Be transparent with your money;
Our transparent budgeting system provides you with weekly figures, broken down to show where every dollar is being spent.
Be award-winning experts on your build;
With our experienced award-winning renovations team, we can and will solve any challenge that comes our way.  Offering advice and solutions to achieve the absolute best results for you.
Keep you informed with your online scheduling;
Our custom-built scheduling programme allows you easy access to your job information. This gives you 100% assurance that your build is on track at all times, leaving no room for guesswork.
Provide quality to you and your build;
We use the best-suited materials, sub-trades, builders and stringent finishing standards to complete your project. We also use our quality control list to ensure no single detail of your job is missed.
At Alpha 1 Builders, We Guarantee:
Creativity in offering options and solutions;
Any opportunity to improve your project will be explored with you and developed into a workable solution.
Safety on-site at your place;
We implement and comply with safety measures as set by Hazard Co and Work Safe New Zealand. As an added safety measure we use wireless monitored security systems for your peace of mind.
Reliability and to do what we promised;
Being a family owned business, your home is our investment too. We turn up when we promise, to do what we promised.
Our work is backed up by a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee.
Our work place is your home, and we will treat it with respect. From cleanliness to neighbour courtesy, we encourage and reinforce a clean and well-mannered site.

Meet the Alpha 1 Team

Paul and Kate Bateman

Paul and Kate Bateman, owners of Alpha 1 Builders

Alpha 1 Builders is owned and operated by husband and wife team Paul and Kate Bateman.

Paul Bateman is a site 2 licensed builder of 23 years+ building experience and runs the business with a hands-on approach, being involved from the beginning to the end of each and every project. Pricing, project management and client meetings are just a few of the things he does. Check out Paul's Licensed Building Practitioner profile.

Your onsite team

Alpha 1 staff on a fishing excursion

Working alongside Paul are his trusted team of qualified tradesmen, apprentices and experienced hammer hands. All of Alpha 1's builders are Licensed Building Practitioners giving you total peace of mind. 

In fact, we have well over a hundred years of combined licensed building experience to draw from.

As well as our award-winning build team, we have long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and sub-trades. This makes an enormous difference in delivering a quality build, on time with your project.


Some thoughts from our client's about our awesome team:

"The whole team from the apprentices to the more senior builders were really professional"  

Shout out to Tony & Lloyd who were totally outstanding, the whole team was!

Whenever we were on site, they would down tools.  Bring us in, talk us through what they were doing.  An absolute dream to work with

Architectural Partnerships

We partner with like-minded, award-winning architects, giving you a cohesive design & build team to complete your plans. We remain your point of contact from the very beginning, making the process much less daunting and more straightforward.

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