Expert Home Renovation Builders, Auckland

We’ve been in your renovation shoes.

By completing many building projects for our clients, we've delivered their dream homes.

We've also renovated two of our own homes and know how overwhelming it can feel. 

Having hands-on project management is invaluable and ensures quality workmanship.

We will be your one point of contact for the entirety of your job.

As your one point of contact for both home design and home building, we simplify the whole process for you.  With years of building experience as renovation specialists, our clients receive solid advice. Working with a select crew of architects, our clients have our support for the entire process.  This advice is crucial at each stage including the home design stage.

Having your builder involved each step of the way is key to ensuring successful building projects.

This creates early relationships between the client, builder and architects. Allowing a great forum to discuss the most practical and beautiful design aspects.  Creating the best version of your renovation.  

Open communication on budgets and best practice ensures everyone is on the same page. With both expectations and results. Removing the uncertainty that comes with home building and giving peace of mind.

The residential building industry is a specialized area of home building work.

The existing home can come with any number of seen and unforeseen challenges. These factors impact your building renovation and budget.  These can spring from many factors including but not limited to:

  • The age of the home
  • Possible DIY work from previous owners
  • Changes in council requirements over the years.
  • The materials that were available at the time of the build.

Your residential building is best approached by a team rich in building experience.

Renovation specialists are more skilled to undertake this type of home building work.  You should always check references and previous work to compare your project. As experienced builders in Auckland, we are proud to provide such a team at Alpha 1 Builders.   

What experience do we offer you?

Paul, (owner and project manager) leads our team of experienced registered master builders. So, you can be sure that we have the skills and building experience to create your dream home.

Our team is also made up of Licensed Building Practitioners, that have scooped up a number of registered master builders awards over the years. Meet the team that’ll be at your place.

To give you complete peace of mind, we offer a Master Builders Guarantee.

This is ideal when undertaking building projects. The Master Builders Guarantee covers many aspects of your build. Both during and for 10 years after. It also ensures you receive quality workmanship during your renovation. We have more details on what the guarantee covers

Your Home Building Stage Begins.

Once we've completed the home design stage, the council will approve your plans. We will, along with a quantity surveyor confirm your build is on budget.

You will then move onto the home build stage. This is where Paul’s building experience and project management skills come to the fore. 

Alpha 1 Builders is a family-run business.  This means your project success is vital to Paul and company. Be assured your home is an absolute priority to us. 

Paul is part of every step of your building renovation.  Ensuring continuity and quality workmanship across all trades. He has his finger on the pulse of each stage and any changes that take place. 

Communication = Peace of mind.

During your build, weekly onsite meetings will take place.  We will use this time to discuss your renovation progress with you. Many decisions for the upcoming week will be made together at these meetings.

With Alpha 1, you will experience constant communication.  Via email, phone calls and onsite meetings. This offers you peace of mind while your dream home takes shape.

Keeping your build on track.

Personalized scheduling tools and calendars keep your project on track during your renovation. You will have access to this with weekly transparent budgeting and invoicing. Keeping everyone on top of the build total, for time and budget.

Keen to learn more about Alpha 1 Builders?  How about checking out some of our successful projects.


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