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Which Colour Trend Does 2019 Hold?

As 2018 comes to a close we reflect on the key colour trends, what 2019 has in store for us and how that reflects in our homes.

We have seen real experimentation of colour in the home this year, with lot's of muted soft pinks, forest greens, and earthy mustard, giving an art deco and heritage feel as this Dulux Kinship Palette represents.

Pantone has selected Living Coral as the 'The Colour of 2019'

This lively colour brings serious amounts of energy, so depending on how much you love it, perhaps start off sparingly.  

We've collated some great examples of coral both inside and outside the home to make it easier to visualize it in different spaces.  Whether in soft furnishings, a feature wall, flowers or tiles there are lots of ways to incorporate it in your home. 

What colours should Coral be paired with?

Coral and white are a classic team, along with greys and of course navy in the living room pictured above with its statement wall. 

It also plays nicely with greige (beige grey) and metallics, either silver or gold accents as with this gorgeous kitchen above.

The Spruce Design Blog has some great idea's around how to incorporate the hottest colour trend of the coming year into your home, check out their article here...

Find out more about how to integrate this hot colour trend into your home with our collection of coral inspiration and look back on the colour trends of 2018.

How about a feature wallpaper?

This charming wallpaper in coral offers a nice traditional styled touch perfect for a character home. 

You can see how the owner has added some complementary flowers to pick up the coral colour in the paper too.

Some good options for coral flower options are Roses, Lillies, Gerberas, and Peonies.

Or you could inject the latest colour trend in your accessories as in the more modern bathroom pictured below.

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!

This beautiful bedroom cleverly makes use of a few key coral pieces to brighten up this charcoal and soft grey bedroom. 

At least this way you can easily swap the items out should you tire of the colour in the long run...

I love how the coral works in with the colours in this room, it's understated and elegant.

Do you have an antique piece of furniture just ripe for an upcycle?

Check out the lovely coral cabinet below with a complimentary lamp also with coral in its pattern.

Not keen on using 2019's key colours inside your home? How about using it outside?

Here's a nice collection of outdoor inspiration using corals, Whether it's a feature wall, cushions or even potted plants and floral arrangements. You can find coral in Dahlia's, Roses, poppies and Gerbera's to name a few.

We love it paired with navy and metallic gold trim. 

Perhaps you would love a warm, bright and welcoming front door for your character home?

Check out the beautiful coral entrance below, with its gorgeous door and bench seat with matching coral cushions to tie it in and of course that stunning geometrical doormat.

Coral making an entrance

If you would prefer a more muted approach check out this article on 2019 Colour Trends from Houzz NZ who have some great options.  We hope that this article has inspired some use of Coral in your home this coming year.

What were 2018's key colours?

Early 2018 saw moody colours.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, we saw a lot of earthy tones in play this year, as with the Dulux Colour Kinship Palette

While earlier in the year, statement colours included black to inky blues and navy as pictured in Resene Habitat and here in this crisp dining room.  Creating sophisticated spaces with confidence and personality.

Popular white options

The many whites on offer have also been popular in our interiors.  'black white' from Resene taking out their most purchased colour for 2018 (as pictured in the kitchen below) and Resene Alabaster a close second. 

White's or slightly off white's offer a very safe and elegant backdrop for some key pieces, or a sharp Monochrome colour scheme.

Timeless and crisp, you can see the attraction.  This colour scheme is ideal for getting a property ready to sell, as the scheme will appeal to the masses with neutrality at its base it allows the potential new owners somewhat of a 'blank canvas' to add their own personality to.

Are you finding the selection of finishing touches for you dream home renovation daunting?

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