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Lets start with: How important is lighting?

Lighting is a key item, often over looked in building projects. With so many options out there, why put in ‘down-lights’ & be done with it?

Pendants, halogens, task lighting, wall sconces... So many options can someone help me?

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stylish design people that build houses 4 building vs buying picking the right option when purchasing a on tiny home

Take our easy 12 question and pointers checklist to identify which builder is right for you and your project...

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How much will it cost article

How much will it cost?

It can feel a little like the 'chicken & the egg' situation. Where you need to know how much it would cost to set a budget....

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116 standard

See what's hot in outdoor furniture for 2018, we've got some stunners!

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In our experience, every single renovation should begin with a serious consideration of what you want versus what you can afford.

Determining what will fall within your budget requires research, but it’s well worth the effort once your dream renovation plans have been approved and are underway.

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Hand with metal pen editing a typed document

Renovations & building works are complicated, so it's no surprise the pricing you receive can also be hard to navigate.  Say you have more than one quote – which one should you move forward with?

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